Demeter, the goddess of harvest, was a very important figure of the Greek Mythology and one of the oldest goddesses of the Greek pantheon. She is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea, sister of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera and Hestia. The fate of this beautiful blonde daughter of Rhea was harsh as a few years after her birth she ended up in the stomach of her heartless father, along with her brothers. They were liberated by a trick Zeus did to fool Cronus.

Demeter differed from the other goddesses as she never lived in mount Olympus, ‘cause she choose to stay close to those who believed and worshiped her, in the temples dedicated to her.

The goddess has gained very early the sympathy and favor of the other Olympian gods due to her discreet and modest behavior. Her personality demanded a special approach , special understanding and respect. Demeter was one of the hardest and snobbish goddesses, thus she did not succumb easily in “love attacks”, even when the candidates were very remarkable.

Poseidon and Zeus were two of the small number of known and aspiring conquerors of her. They both persistently persecuted her and finally managed to seduce her applying various misleading tricks.

Zeus was the first of the two brothers who tried to win. Although he suddenly fell in love with Demeter, he did not crave and besiege her as much as he did to Hera. The conscious and constant resistances of his sister made him think of cheats to trick her. Zeus transformed into a bull and managed to outwit her and from their union Persephone was born, the one and only beloved daughter of Demeter.

Poseidon was the second of two brothers who attacked Demeter with sexual purposes. The goddess in order to avoid it morphed into mare and hid in the flock of Apollo Onkiou’s son. Poseidon, being brilliant, did not waste any time to perceive the trick. Without losing any time, he morphed into a horse, chased her and mated with her. A daughter (who was not allowed to pronounce her name) and a horse with black mane (Arion) were the fruit of their love.

Demeter after her brother’s behavior, felt betrayed and cheated. Unable to drown her anger, she became vengeful goddess until she flushed her hatred and fury in the river Ladon and renamed herself to Lucia.

The Olympian goddess, beyond the erotic match with her two brothers, accepted and loved passionately a young mortal. At the wedding of Cadmus and Harmony, Demeter met the handsome Jason and immediately fell in love with him. Without inhibitions and shyness, she left the wedding with him and in a well plowed field she delivered herself in his arms. After their sexual union, Demeter and Jason returned to the wedding with obvious signs of their act. Sludge in the arms and legs, made all the wedding guests to understand what had happened and be very angry too.

Especially Zeus, who did not like the goddesses to mingle with mortals, reacted violently to that association. He stroke Jason with a thunder, and after some time, the seed of Jason from his association with Demeter came to light, the small Ploutos (Wealth). The death of Jason was not the only evil act that Demeter experienced by Zeus. Even greater calamity came when she lost her only daughter, Persephone, after secret cooperation between Zeus and Hades.